Official Eterlast Litepaper (v.1.0)

Eterlast is the portal to the next generation of sports gaming

Our Mission

The Evolution of Sports Gaming

Our objective is to bring the world of digital sports collectibles and gaming utility together. Creating official collectibles from our Sports Brand partners, building groundbreaking games where collectibles can be used as in-game assets and freely traded.

Outline of the Problem

Currently gamers spend $100Billion dollars PA on games and in-game assets. Gamers purchase in-game assets, cosmetic skins and expansion packs - these assets are locked inside the game and cannot be taken beyond the gaming ecosystem, meaning players input huge amounts of value, in time and purchases and are unable to extract any value in return. The chain of value meets a dead end from player to game. Even across the world's most popular gaming franchises assets are not commonly transferable between new releases -rendering purchased assets nugatory.
NFT Collectibles
Many Sports collectibles for fans whilst they have official perks rely heavily on the value of the IP to sell their product. The value they are able to earn relies heavily on how much they spend inside the game and the luck of the draw inside collectors packs. The investment of time is only minimally rewarded. Eteralst will give these moments collectors love, real utility, with users being able to upskill their team or avatars.
NFT Scalability
Gaming is not suited to the Ethereum Mainnet due to high transaction fees and Network congestion. Ethereum, though moving to PoS, is predominantly a PoW blockchain. This uses a considerably high amount of energy. The amount of trasactions per secod is also extremely limited.
Create holistic products that incorporate sports gaming, entertainment and use blockchain technology with Layer 2 IMX to empower users with instant, gas free, carbon neutral transactions.

What Do We Do

We partner with the best sporting competitions, leagues, teams and athletes to create official NFTs (digital collectibles and assets).
We build games where you use your NFTs assets to compete with and against other fans to win rewards, unlock experiences and get closer to the sports you love.
All details are subject to change. Latest Version: September 2022
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