Unparalleled Benefits from Web3 Gaming

In traditional web2 sport games in-game spending is purely an outflow of money that is effectively rendered useless each year upon the release of new games.

A holistic reward system

The Season Pass is the centrepiece of the platform, where everyone can unlock and enjoy tiers of free content, and all functional content that has an impact on the user experience. Collectors can build their reputation within the community, with cosmetic elements and packs of NFTs containing unique content, that can be unlocked simply by completing actions within the platform (i.e., buying packs, completing challenges, trading cards in the Transfer Market, etc.).
Every single action is recorded in the form of XPs that accumulate in the Season and enable the user to level-up and unlock rewards.
Progression rewards are designed to be balanced against expected platform time spent and what elements contribute towards this to avoid making the progression feel like grinding. The Rewards obtained in the Season Pass will be divided into two categories:
Cosmetic Elements
  • Club / Boxing Crests
  • Emblems
  • 3D Realistic Designs
NFTs containing unique content
  • Team line-up imagery
  • Ring-side interviews
  • Ring walks
  • Audio clips
  • Anthem Footage
  • Gold, Silver and Common Highlight Packs
Access to experiences
  • Tickets to matches and fights
  • Virtual experiences with Players