Game Modes

With each and every sporting community we will build fun and interesting ways to get closer to the sports you love.
Our initial games fall into three types
  • Play as General Manager or Coach creating your own team where the real world performance of the Athletes determines how you perform
  • Level up your players and increase their performance by training them
  • Compete throughout the entire league season to see who finishes on top
  • Head to head structure where you compete against other players of a similar level (through skill based match-making) to see who comes out as champion. Success is decided by each indivual players skill and strategy
  • Train and level up your unique avatars, with skins, skills and wearabl
  • Enhance their abilities through collecting real sport match / highlights
  • Players go up against the computer
  • How well you do is determined about how you navigate the rules and whether you can outplay the AI
  • Level up and complete story chapters to keep progressing throught the game